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Setting the Record Straight

Unfortunately, the other candidate's campaign has been marked by repeated false accusations and distortions of my record in order to tarnish my reputation and besmirch my character. Rather than have you rely on false information, I want you to hear and understand the facts.

Accountability through Openness and Transparency

As an elected representative I have dedicated my first four years on the Board of Trustees to promoting a climate of accountability through openness and transparency. It has not always been easy. I owe it to you, my constituents, to make only fully informed decisions when it comes to voting on policy decisions and approving budgets. Anything less would ultimately be an obstacle to PCC achieving its primary goal of student success. 


Here are some of the key accomplishments and achievements of PCC during my term as President of the Board of Trustees in 2017:

  • Was recognized as a Top-10 community college in the U.S. by the Aspen Institute
  • Increased course offerings
  • Approved a balanced budget while increasing reserves 
  • Increased degrees granted and students transferring to four-year institutions 
  • Recognized as the most veteran friendly community college in California 
  • Launched an expansion of the Veterans Resource Center that will more than double its size

Future Focus

PCC should give a top priority to and focus on the following in the immediate future:

  • Increase student retention and completion
  • Update the campus Facilities Master Plan 
  • Upgrade existing campus facilities 
  • Complete the establishment of a satellite campus facility at John Muir High School 
  • Prepare for the looming fiscal challenges involving mandated increases in pension funding 


What Three Highly Respected Educators Say

In their own words, here is what three very highly respected educators who know PCC say about my service as a member of the PCC Board of Trustees.   

“Over the past four years I have seen Ross’ obvious commitment to the life-changing work of the college, and his unique grasp of the many complex issues faced by the Board. In my opinion, he is exactly the type of experienced trustee PCC needs and deserves.”
Jim Kossler, Ed.D. 
Former President, Pasadena City College 


"It is important that PCC remains focused on its mission to serve students who are preparing for transfer or being trained for the jobs of the future. Ross understands the challenges facing the district, especially during this time of uncertainty in state funding. He will make sure our precious taxpayer resources are carefully managed and that our students continue to have access to a great college education. I am delighted to support his re-election to the PCC Board of Trustees."
Geoff Baum 
Former President, Board of Governors of the California Community College System
Former Member and President of Board of Trustees, Pasadena City College 


“With his dedication to accountability through openness and transparency, you can always count on Ross to thoroughly examine recommendations and ask the tough questions necessary to ensure that Board policy decisions are fully informed and based on the best information.” 
John Martin
Member and Former President of Board of Trustees, Pasadena City College

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